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This is a growing list of email distribution lists useful in studying and teaching New York history.

New York History Net

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This list is operated by the NYS Department of Education. Any person with an interest in New York History is able to subscribe. The mailing list offers a convenient way for users to discuss events and issues in the world of NY History. To subscribe, go to

For anyone who has not used an email mailing list before, it is best to read the mail for a few weeks before starting to respond to messages. Each mailing list has its own etiquette and it is wise to respect this.


H-Local is the list for state and local history and museum studies. H-Local wishes to foster discussion among teachers, scholars, and practitioners of local and state history and museum professionals. H-Net has more information on this list.


This is a mailing list intended for discussion of the history of the City of Buffalo, New York.  Buffalo is a city with a wealth of history. From the early French settlement of Joncaire, the burning of the village by the British during the War of 1812, and the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, Buffalo's history rolls forward like a richly woven tapestry.

Despite the vital role that it played in the opening of the west and in the
settlement of the country, Buffalo's history is often under-appreciated and
neglected, and frequently buried beneath a veneer of surface parking lots,
industrial decay and big box drugstores.

Discussion and announcements regarding local history, genealogy, historic preservation, research, libraries, archives, etc. related specifically to the City of Buffalo, New York are appropriate to this list.

To subscribe, send a blank email message to:

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A list hosted by, the topic is sharing reminiscences of living and growing up in New York State.

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