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George Klock to Gov. Clinton on Cobleskill aftermath

Palatine, in Tryon County, June 5th 1778

Hon'ble Sir, Upon Notice from Colo. Gansevoort, Commandant at Fort Schuyler that Joseph Brant (a Mohock Indian of Note) was on his way from Achquage to make an Attack on the German Flatts, I marched a considerable Part of the Militia to Cherry Valley thinking it was more probable that Brant's Attack would be on that Settlement, and left Colo. Bellinger with his Regiment at the German Flatts for it's Defence.

Your Excellency has I doubt not already been informed that the Enemy to the Number of between 300 & 400 came to Kobus Kill where they burnt nine Houses; at which Place some Continental Troops and the Militia from Schohary attacked the Enemy, but through Inferiority of Numbers were obliged to retreat with the Loss of 16 Men killed and five or six burnt in the Houses. After which a Party of the Enemy came to Durlach a small Settlement near Kobels Kill where they plundered one House only. On Tuesday Afternoon Messrs. Matthew Warmood and Peter Sits both Officers were killed and scalped by the Enemy on their way from Cherry Valley, to which place the latter had been sent Express. Yesterday Morning I received undoubted Intelligence by my Scouts that Brant had the Day before retired from Kobels Kills probably to Unadilla upon which I discharged the Militia except about 150 Men whom I left in Cherry Valley to be relieved weekly by the same Number.

I should be happy to draw your Excellency's Attention a little to this frontier Country, as I beg leave to represent that, unless a Body of Troops is marched directly to Unadilla in order to drive the Enemy from thence and destroy the place, the Enemy will constantly make such Depredations upon the Settlements that it will of Course (which in some Measure is already the Case) necessitate the Inhabitants to leave their Places and prevent, not only them but all others to pay that Attention to their Farms which is so necessary for their Subsistance; besides, considering that this Country is one continued Frontier, exposed on all Sides to the Inroads of the Indiands, it is impossible to defend any Part of the out Settlements, as it is out of our Power at most Times to obtain any Notice of the Enemies Motions till they are ready to strike their Blow. The Blow being struck before the Militia can come up, they leave the Place and go to another.

Unadilla has always been and still continues to be a common Receptacle for all rascally Tories, and runaway Negroes. This being the Case I intreat your Excellency to afford us all the Relief in your Power as we have Reason to expect that otherwise we shall be in one continued Alarm all the Season. The Consequence of which is very alarming to us.

June 6th. Since writing the above I received Intelligence by Express from Colo. Fisher who was left at Cachnawage for the Defence of that District, that the Enemy had appeared to the Northward of Johnstown, where they made Prisoners of fourteen of the Inhabitants & carried them off. Upon which I marched down immediately with the greatest Part of my Regiment.

I had not been three Hours at Cachnawage unitll I had an Express that the Enemy had broke in near Stone Arabia & appered in the upper Part of Palatine District near the Little Falls.

Upon the whole, Sir, from all the Information I have been able to obtain, the Enemy are divided into at least five or Six Parties, who appear & attack us in different places, to divide and distract us; So that by endeavouring to defend all, we are obliged to weaken ourselves in such a Manner as to be able to defend Nothing.

In this deplorable Situation I must again intreat your Excellency for all the Assistance in your Power. I have the Honor to be Your Excellency's Most Obt. & Hble. serv't

Jacob Klock
His Excellency Gov'r Clinton

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