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Frederick Fisher et al. to Gov. Clinton on Cobleskill aftermath

Frederick Fisher et al. to George Clinton

Cohnawaga, 3rd June 1778

Sir, We as this Day in the fort at Johnstown with a few Invalides & about Six o'Clock of Said Evening, one Phillip Pillet an old Serveant of Major Fonda's, Who is a worthy man, Came and Informed us that about half way between Sacondaga and Johnstown, he Saw about one hundred Indians Painted in the woods near his house; he also (said) he knew Some tories who was with them, who took George Cock and his Son Prisoners, together with Charles Marinus and Sevral Others, and as we was busie Swearing him to this Purpose, two others Expresses arrived in the fort, who Said the Indians ware busie Destroying all Before them in that Part - and was then near Johnstown; upon which we thought Proper to Go & bring our familys into Coghnawaga chirch, having only Seven armed men to Defend that fort where we Now are; all our Militia are Gone to the Relief of those at Cobus Kill, Cherry Valley & German flats, we are only about ten men Strong, in the Church, with about 100 women and Children, and Expects to attacked this night By the Best accounts we can Get, for God's Sake Send us a Reinforcement or I am afraid we Shall fall an Easy Prey to the Enemy and we are also much afraid Some of our Neighbors will act against us.

We are Sir your most obed't humb'e Serv't
Fred'k Fisher, Zephniah Batchelor, Johanes Vedeen,
Thomas Rosmer, C.T.M. Adams, Jelles Fonda

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