Letters from Home: Period Accounts

Philip Conine Jr to Leonard Bronck

Ticonderoga May 28th 1776

Dear Cousin,
Sir I write this Letter to you to hear from you whether you are Dead or not I sent you Now four Letters after Another and Never Received one yet from You I hope you will be kind Enough to send me a Letter Back at the Receiving of this  Sir I have to Acquaint you with some Sad News from Canada, I suppose You have heard there was Sent a Regiment to a place calld. the Ceders which we hear from there are Entirely Cut of and taken prisoners Afterward the(y) sent a major to Assit them with a Number of men Not knowing that the Regiment was Cut off and the(y) are also taken and kilt By the Regulars and Indians We further hear that General Arnold has took from the Tories what the(y) designed to send to the Regulars there at the Ceders which is as we hear One hundred and twenty six Barrels of Rum, and a great many Other things and some powser and Bawls which I Cant give an Exact Number of Our army has possession yet of the point shembow wich is forty miles on this side of Queback and we are In hopesthat we shall keep a stand there which was thought impossible by the most of Gentleman The(y)have made all the fortifications that Ever the(y) could at the River St. Cl. But we hear that General Thomas is gone Down to the point shambow again with Chief of the army to fortify that place General Sullivan Saild. from here yesterday with his Brigade for Montreal No more as that I am In good health Hoping to hear the same from you and all good Friends to the Cause Be kind Enough to Give my Compliments to your father and mother and all my Loving friends and to all the Ladys at Coxsackie that wishes us well here

 I am Sir Your Most Loving Cousin

Philip Conine
To Mr. Leonard Bronck

NB. our Regiment is partly Stationed at Fort George But our Company is at This place and partly at Crown Point When you send me a Letter Direct to Ticonderoga for I suppse we shall stay here yet some time

published source: Beecher, Raymond (Ed.): Letters from a Revolution, 1775-1783: A Selection From the Bronck Family Ppaers At the Greene County Historical Society. The NYS American Revolution Bicentennial Commision; Albany (NY), 1973, pp. 14-15.


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